Cyclades: Titans Expansion

Cyclades: Titans Expansion

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In the Titans expansion for Cyclades, the savage battle to dominate the Aegean boils down to two large neighboring islands where six great cities fight for supremacy. As war rages more fiercely than ever before, Kronos, father of Zeus, joins the battle and brings the fearsome horde of Titans that the Olympian gods once condemned to an eternal prison under the earth. Cyclades: Titans features a new game board and a new game mode where players can now battle in teams of up to three players. Divine artifacts like Zeus's lightening bolt and Hermes's winged sandals also appear for the first time, offering incredible abilities that may place glorious victory in your hands, and special metropolis tiles reward players for giving a specific shape to their civilization. 


  • One double-sided game board and one offerings board
  • One large God tile (Kronos)
  • Five sculpted plastic divine artifact figurines and corresponding cards
  • Five special metropolis tiles and cards
  • Components for a sixth player, including: one screen, two offering tokens, six territory markers, eight troops, and eight ships
  • Eighteen sculpted plastic titans
  • Fifteen territory markers and seven prosperity markers
  • One rulebook