Customer Holds FAQ

To request the Customer Hold option to be added to your account please email:


 Customer Hold FAQs

How do place an order on customer hold?

  • At checkout your default shipping method will be "Customer Hold". Once payment has been processed your order is now on hold and nothing further is required until you're ready to have it shipped.

How do I request my hold items to be shipped?

  • To release your hold items, simply email us at and include #chold in either the subject line or body of your email.
  • Order notes, Voicemails & Facebook Messenger are not reliable ways of releasing orders. We suggest emailing us only.

How long does it take to ship my order once requested?

  • Typically within 2 business days.

How can I get my items shipped if they do not meet the $75 free shipping threshold?

Can I add additional items to my shipment after I've been notified that my hold request has been processed?

  • Once we've confirmed that your hold requests have been released, any additional products will need to go towards a new shipment.

Why can I not see the hold option on my account?

  • Be sure you log in before you start a new order. Waiting until the checkout process has started may result in the option not loading in properly.

Can I split an order and combine it with two others?

  • We highly encourage you to place single item orders since there is no shipping charge. Once you request your hold items to be released we will combine them and ship them. Once orders are combined it cannot be undone.

I preordered an item and placed it on customer hold, will it ship automatically?

  • No, we will never ship any hold items without being requested to do so.

How do I get notified when my preorder arrives?

  • Currently we do not have a way to notify hold customers of preorders. This is something we are working on implementing.
  • If time is the most important factor for a specific preorder we encourage you to not use the hold feature on this item.

Can you price match an item I've had on hold?

  • We cannot price match or issue partial credits for items on hold. They are no longer our items.
  • We can however cancel the order, which may be subject to a 15% restocking fee.

How long can my items be on hold?

  • A hold order needs to be shipped no later than 6 months after the original purchase date.
*Free shipping is not available for shipments outside of the contiguous US, as well as PO boxes. Additional fees will apply when orders are released for shipping.
All totals are calculated before sales tax.
Cancellation Policy
Preorders & Customer Holds may be cancelled within 30 days of the order for a full refund. Orders beyond the initial 30 days may be cancelled for store credit only and are subject to a 15% restocking fee. Excessive cancellations may result in the loss of preorder/hold privileges.