Court of the Dead: Mourner's Call (On Sale) (Add to cart to see price)

Court of the Dead: Mourner's Call (On Sale) (Add to cart to see price)

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Play Time:
90 Minutes or Less
Max Players:
Game Mechanics:
Area Control / Area Influence

A dark Underworld strategy game featuring the Court of the Dead - the premier original property from acclaimed conceptual art and design studio, Sideshow.



  • 1 Game Board
  • 48 Guild Figures
  • 1 Death Figure
  • 1 Malavestros Figure
  • 1 Demithyle Figure
  • 1 Kier Figure
  • 1 Odium Figure
  • 4 Raker Figures
  • 40 Guild Figure Bases
  • 17 Court Cards
  • 39 Mourner Cards
  • 39 Wallows Cards
  • 12 Ulterior Motive Cards
  • 4 Reference Cards
  • 4 Player Boards
  • 50 Etherea Pieces
  • 50 Unity Tokens
  • 12 Faction Tokens
  • 1 Dreadsbane Token
  • 24 Guild Figure Tracker Tokens
  • 14 Skull Tracker Tokens
  • 4 Dice
  • Rules
























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    Posted by Amano on Jan 26th 2020

    Quick setup, rounds go quickly, and the game has a great presence on the board. The game does not overstay its welcome. It has never gone more than three go rounds, as the unity pile is a good clock. I generally like area control games, and the fact that there's areas and guilds to vie for provides two battlegrounds for the actual goals of gaining influence, unity tokens, and accomplishing the secret objective. There's really only one thing that bothers me: there's enough room on the board to display the starting unity - the other tracks have such aids on the board, so it's weird this one doesn't. Potential second: the game could lend itself to ganging up on people, and that's not for everyone. I'll explain: It's to do with the ulterior motive cards. It's best to play in such a way as to hide them, but that isn't easy for some. So I'm not sure that they are balanced in this regard. Example: There's a motive that requires one of each mourner, and sets give 7 points. Huge. Easy. But there's another that gives a single point for a point of Etheria - a currency in the game. Stockpiling is very obvious. That said, the game certainly has ample opportunities to create engines to drive any motivation. Thankfully, controlling certain guilds, controlling certain areas, using certain court cards, all are possible. So all motivations are valid, thankfully. Third potential issue: The ganging up isn't so much of an issue as having similar motives - then the same resources are being fought over and others can cruise into an unopposed victory. So, playing with more players is definitely better in this case, as we're forced to interact more. Playing two player, then, would seem to be the worst. Finally, if there's anything I would suggest to improve the game, draw 2 wallows cards rather than 1 - this follows the means of recruiting mourner cards, and facilitates choice. And that's important when trying for certain objectives. Easy house rule. All in all, I enjoy the game. To be honest, I was drawn to the game, but sat through a terrible demo at Gen Con and passed on the Kickstarter. Glad I gave in and got it. I've found it easy to teach to casual gamers, enjoy playing as all factions, and just love the presence of the game. The fact that there are comics and books and such to explore are a nice bonus. Recommended if you like light area control, and resource management.