Clans of Caledonia (On Sale)

Clans of Caledonia (On Sale)

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Variable Player Powers

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Clans of Caledonia is a strategic and interactive economic game set in 19th-century Scotland. During this period, Scotland made the transition from a predominantly agricultural economy to an industrialized one, heavily reliant on trade and export. Food production increased to support the growth in population, cheap cotton imports increasingly replaced linen, and raising sheep gained importance. Also, whisky turned into the premium alcoholic beverage in Europe!

As proud members of the old clans, you use your unique abilities to earn the greatest wealth and fame.

Features such as a modular map, nine historic clans, and various scoring and port tiles provide you with outstanding replayability.


  • 239 Custom Wooden Tokens
  • 4 Map Modules
  • 1 Market Board
  • 1 Export Board
  • 4 Player Boards
  • 9 Clan Tiles
  • Cardboard Markers
  • Play Money
  • 2 Rulebooks (English and German)

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  • 5
    Excellent eurogame with fun decisions

    Posted by Sam on May 22nd 2020

    This is an absolutely wonderful area control/economic management game. I have played the game mainly with 2 players, and the board shrinks to make the game feel tight at that player count as well as the higher player counts. There is a relatively high amount of interaction between players for a euro-game, and this happens through a shared market board that dictates the value of the various goods in the game and responds to supply and demand within the game, as well as through board positioning and competition for available contracts. The game comes with a variety of starting clans, each with unique powers that mean they allow for very different strategies and approaches to the game, and the central board is modular so you can play with a different configuration each game. The rules are intuitive and easy to understand, and most importantly, the wooden tokens are a joy to look at and handle!

  • 5

    Posted by Nathan Rexroat on Jul 20th 2019

    I have played this game a couple times solo and really enjoyed it. The rules are easy to understand and not overly complex.

  • 5
    Great Euro Area Control

    Posted by B. West on Apr 23rd 2018

    As close to perfect as I've played. Way easier than it looks, but deep and thought provoking. Every clan plays so different. An area control euro with a fun theme. Where each round you spend money to expand your land, and produce goods to sell and fulfill orders. Overall great experience.