Chocolate Factory

Chocolate Factory

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In the wondrous and fantastical time of early mass-produced chocolate, one factory will become the envy of the entire world. Chocolate Factory sets you and your competitors to build a factory, hire the best staff, and produce a variety of chocolates to sell to humble corner shops or giant department stores.

You will be able to upgrade your machines to improve your processes, exchange and refine your chocolates, and push them along a conveyor belt in your own custom-built factory.

Blend this in with some deliciously crunch decisions, and Chocolate Factory is perfect for any game night!


  • 4 Double-layered Factory Boards
  • 1 Bookkeeping Board
  • 124 Various Custom Wooden Chocolate Pieces
  • 40 Coal Tokens
  • 30 Conveyor Tiles
  • 36 Wooden Player Markers
  • 18 £50 Coins
  • 5 Department Store Cards
  • 30 Factory Part Cards
  • 54 Corner Shop Cards
  • 35 Employee Cards
  • 4 Store Room & Coal Cards
  • 4 Reference Cards
  • 1 Day Marker
  • 1 Start Player Marker