Celestia: A Little Help Expansion

Celestia: A Little Help Expansion

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In Celestia: A Little Help, it's time to strap in for another ride in the famous airship! Characters are everywhere in Celestia: A Little Help, as each player now plays a particular role with special powers they can only activate once per game. But beware, the wily Bandit is on the loose. Each player also gets special equipment that they can only use to help other players, truly living up to the expansion's name. 

Celestia has quickly become a new family favorite and now features a whole new level of strategy and fun! So strap in the ship is taking off, and we could all use a little help!

A new expansion!

- Adds Cooperative Elements to Gameplay 
- New “Power” and “Equipment” Cards 
- More Beautiful Artwork in the Celestia World