Catan: Catan Histories - Rise of the Inkas

Catan: Catan Histories - Rise of the Inkas

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Your settlements and cities are spreading across the South American highlands. Your markets have become centers for luxury goods such as fish, coca, and ornamental feathers. Your ever-expanding road network and development of combat arts have lead your tribe to new levels of success.

Time takes its toll. Early buildings become overgrown with thickets and vines. They are now prime settlement targets for competing tribes. Can you develop fast enough to resettle them before they fall into your opponents' hands?

Unique game rules capture the story of one of history's most exciting and turbulent struggles. Explore the rise, fall, and rebirth of South America's first empires!


  • 29 Terrain Hexes
  • 8 Frame Pieces
  • 27 Number Tokens
  • 4 Culture Boards
  • 44 Culture Markers
  • 2 Advantage Cards
  • 4 Overview Cards
  • 100 Resource Cards
  • 36 Goods Cards
  • 20 Development Cards
  • 68 Player Pieces
  • 16 Thicket Pieces
  • 1 Robber Piece
  • 2 Dice
  • 3 Card Holders
  • 1 Rules Book
  • 1 Almanac