Age of Towers (Clearance)

Age of Towers (Clearance)

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A Call to Arms

Brave miners and proud builders, exploit the mountain without fear or doubt! We hope that the mutual agreement between the communities at the foot of Mount Ilirya will bring great tidings and abundant supplies for our battle mages! Druids from the Heart of the Forest, tribes from the Burning Sun, craftsmen from Dark Rock, and paladins from Krak, you do us proud!
- Mother Melusine, Sky Keeper of the Celestial Order

First Expedition Report
During our exploratory mission of the mine shafts located under the mountain, we have found several tunnels leading into enemy territories. Unfortunately, upon our return, we were ambushed by orcs and goblins. This report was sent to all the cities of the realm: rally your builders at once. We must protect the roads leading to the mines and mobilize guards to hold the ramparts! Only the cities that will stand up to this invastion will answer the call of the Keeper!
- Bohemon the Silent, Master Scout


  • 1 Event Board
  • 14 Event Cards
  • 1 First Player Die
  • 1 Phase Marker
  • 12 Trophies
  • 4 Expansion Tiles
  • 57 Quest Cards
  • 30 Tower and Upgrades
  • 60 Crystals
  • 40 Monster Tokens
  • 1 Boss Board
  • 4 Boss Tokens
  • 9 Demonic Spell Cards
  • 1 Demon Monster Token
  • 1 Demonic Spell Track
  • 4 City Boards
  • 12 Action Markers
  • 12 Boss Markers
  • 4 Guard Cubes
  • 4 Game Help Cards
  • 4 City Tiles
  • 36 Road Tiles
  • 4 Mine Entrance Boards
  • Rulebook