4 Gods

4 Gods

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It took the 4 Gods millions of years to create their world. You have 30 minutes!

4 Gods is a real-time strategy game of puzzle construction and strategic positioning. Players collaborate to build a planet together - while also competing for ultimate influence over it. Become the Goddess of the Elves or the Merfolk, or the God of the Dwarves or the Humans, and create a new world each time you play.

Players make moves simultaneously; no waiting for your turn! In fact, the more players there are, the faster the game goes. Every second counts!


  • 1 Board Frame
  • 92 Double-Sided Terrain Tiles
  • 56 Prophet Miniatures
  • 4 Storage Boxes
  • 8 Legendary City Tokens
  • 4 God Cards
  • 4 Game Mode Tokens
  • 1 Large Drawstring Bag
  • 1 Sand Timer
  • 1 Rulebook